Sunday, July 1, 2012

Air Conditioning in a Pinch

We returned home from vacation on a Sunday afternoon, and we attempted to turn our air conditioning on, so our house would cool off after we'd had it on "hold" while we were out of town. Nothing...our air conditioner would not turn on! In south GA, in June, it's hot! Without air conditioning, it's miserable. We called the AC guys in town, since we know them on a personal level, since our air conditioning as gone out four times this year, and it's only June. No one called us back...

We suffered through the afternoon and evening, and they came first thing on Monday. They told us that our fan was bad, and it needed replacing, but that meant ordering a part that wouldn't be in until Friday or the following Monday. Seriously?!

Needless to say, we've been trying to suffer through it, but it's been miserable when our house is 84 degrees inside. Both kids have been sleeping without pajama's, and we borrowed a window unit from a friend. We've been running our fans on high and praying that the part comes in sooner than anticipated.

However, if you come to our house right now, you'll probably see coolers of ice and freezer packs sitting all over the house. Last night, we had at least one cooler full of ice in every room that someone sleeps in, and we had two in the master bedroom.

Here's a quick glance of our "air conditioning in a pinch"...


  1. Oh my goodness, I feel your pain! Our AC is ancient, and in the last year, it's gone out three times (never the heat, but only the AC, go figure). Each time it does, it skyrockets to anywhere between 85-90 in our house. Ridiculous!! We ended up sleeping at my parents' house the last time! I love your cooler AC idea though - I'll have to try that if (God-forbid) it breaks again.

  2. Wow, that is an unfortunate predicament you’re in! Hopefully, you’re holding up well, despite the wait, and the heat. In the unfortunate, but unlikely event, that the part you’re waiting for won’t be available, maybe you should consider buying a different kind of AC. Split-types would be a more budget-friendly and energy efficient option, as these will only cool the rooms that you need cooled instead of the entire house. Most window unit and split-type units now come with timer functions as well, which will automatically turn the AC on and off at a time you specify.


  3. Your personal repairman didn't call you back that day? They must've been busy all day long repairing other AC units; it's the peak of the summer season after all. Anyway, so when did they repair your AC? Did they repair it after a week before the replacement part arrived? I think you should think about buying a new AC if this happens again.

    Georgia Fuller

  4. What a way to ruin a nice vacation, huh? So, what happened afterwards? Were you able to get the air conditioning fixed? If that wasn’t the first time you encountered problems with the A/C, then you’re better off replacing the whole thing. Besides, air cons that are frequently breaking down are less efficient, which could hurt your electric bill.

    Mignon Her

  5. I can imagine how hot it was in your place that time! You should’ve considered buying a new AC instead of waiting for the repairman. The summer is the worst time to have AC your repaired because almost everyone experiences this, prompting them to calls for the AC repairmen -- a lot. Anyway, what’s wrong with your AC? You should've also asked if it can still be repaired or not.

    -Mechteld Abelli

  6. Mechteld is right. It will be wise to allot a sufficient amount of time to consult your contractor about possible repairs that can be done on your AC. You need to determine the choice that will make you save a lot more, but will get the most out of the service. Anyway, did you get a new one or did you fix it instead? How is it doing now?

    Darryl Iorio

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