Tuesday, October 30, 2012

William's 1st Birthday Party - Our Family of Four

Here are some remaining family shots from William's birthday party that I just wanted to share! It will be my LAST birthday post, and I cannot believe that it's the very last first birthday that I'll ever plan and prepare for!

Monday, October 29, 2012

William's 1st Birthday - The Birthday Boy!

I have really loved posting all the pictures from William's 1st Birthday! I cannot believe that it was a month ago, and he's already 13 months old! I will post today's photo's of the birthday boy, then I have a few others that I'll post tomorrow, and I'll be done posting photo's from William's 1st Birthday!

Friday, October 26, 2012

William's 1st Birthday Party - The Guests

As many of you know, moving last year was really hard on me and our family. We pulled Weston out of the in home daycare that he was in, we bought a house, and we moved when William was 10 days old. Grant had already been in Brunswick during the week for two full months and half weeks for four months, so we were ready to be back together as a family; however, it was tough.

I was SO used to having family close by that I could call and would come over and babysit or help us out at a moment's notice. It was so great that Weston could go and spend the night at my parent's house for the night, and we could pick him up the next day and still stay at our house and go out or whatever we wanted to do. I particularly missed our friends and family in Athens. I still do, and as much as I love our friends here, I would still jump at the opportunity to move back to Athens. :)

We've made some wonderful friends here, and we were blessed that many of them were able to join us for William's birthday party! Here are some photo's of his guests, both big and small! 

 Nana & William
 Palmer & Mike
 Butler, Liam & Emily
 Jerrell, Ms. Lori & Brandy (Ms. Lori is William's daycare teacher!)
 Kim, Elizabeth & Hannah
 Kate, Kellen, Kayden & Eric
 William & Papa Jay
 Big Brother, Weston
 Gramps, the Waffle Chef
Courtney, Scott, Amelia & Jackson

Unfortunately, we didn't capture photo's of all of our guests, and I was bummed about that, but we do have some great photos of most of our guests. We are missing photos of Brooke (our photographer and friend), Aunt Ya-Ya (Anna), Uncle Josh Brown, Uncle Josh Colbert, Aunt Annie (Amanda), Aunt Joan, Uncle John, Cousin Haley and Gram! I think that's all! :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

William's 1st Birthday - The Decorations

So, it's been almost a month since I last posted. Since then, we've celebrated William's 1st Birthday, spent time together as a family, went to the pumpkin patch, I went to a Girl's Weekend away with my friends, Grant's been hunting, and we've all four been sick! It's been wild, but I hope that things will settle down, so we can get back to normal a bit. But really, who am I kidding?! The holidays are quickly approaching and life is going to get crazy!!

I hope to do a couple of different posts with photo's of William's first  birthday. It was stressful, but I'm such a party planner, and I had a great time with this party. I found this party idea on Pinterest, and I loved it since we were living at the beach, and so I ran with it.

Here are some photos of the details: