Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Friends in our "Newish" Home

I can't even begin to describe how much the Lord has blessed us since we arrived here in Brunswick. Envisioning a move at 8 days post partum, I was miserable and heartbroken. I was SO ready to be back under the same roof as my husband, but I was devastated to be leaving my friends and family in Athens. The emotions were high, and I had many nights/evenings when I first arrived in Brunswick where I just cried. I missed my parents, and I missed my friends, and I didn't have anyone to talk to here.

On Sunday, October 30th, at the recommendation of a coworker, Grant and I decided to attend a church here in Brunswick that we'd heard good things about. We immediately had someone come to us and introduce us to another young couple, and they invited us to the Halloween party the following evening after I found her on Facebook. I was feeling relieved, and I was so excited to be able to go and meet some people and get out of the house.

It all started from there...I've meet the most incredible group of women since I moved here. I have definitely gained friendships here that are much stronger than the ones I had in Athens, and the majority of these women attend the same church we do. I know that God had a hand in it all, and he knew and listened to my prayers for a group of women to have a close relationship with that had children that were close in age to mine.

What a blessing?! I get daily text messages from these friends, and I talk to them regularly. We get together on the weekends and holidays, and I just love it. I know that if I'm going through a storm or need prayers for anything that I can send them a quick text message, and they'll pray for me or my family. They would do anything for us...from babysit, bring us change and food when we are in the hospital, pray for us, have lunch with me, get together, etc. I'm looking forward to many fun times with this great group of women.

Did I mention that one of the women that I've met is a wonderful photographer?! So grateful! She has become our official family photographer, and we hang out with her regularly, so she takes great photos when we all hang out together too. :) These photos in this post are just a few of the great photos that she's taken for us!

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  1. God works in mysterious ways & always has a plan!! I am so happy that you are feeling good about your new home & the whole family looks very happy there!!