Friday, July 27, 2012

Skinny Ms. Crockpot

So, I'm in no way getting compensated for this and Skinny Ms. has no idea that I'm even writing about them; however, I've been following the different Skinny Ms. Facebook pages for months now, and I love all that they have to offer.

Since William got really sick with pneumonia this past December and was hospitalized, and Weston had been very sickly during the Winter/Spring of 2011, I started doing a lot of research about foods and how they impact our bodies and health. Of course, I already knew that healthy eating could help you lose weight and eating too much or too many sweets could make you gain weight, but I didn't realize how the food that you consume is truly so important to your health.

After doing a lot of research, I made huge changes to the way that our family eats...we tried the gluten free route; however, no one in our family has trouble tolerating gluten, and it didn't make us feel any different/better or seem to impact our health. So, we moved to 100% whole wheat products and sprouted grains, and we have adopted a "Clean Eating" approach. I'll write more about what we eat and what helped us make these decisions; however, we are now mostly dairy free except for the occasional greek yogurt or cheese stick, and we mostly eat clean foods, but we do have the occasional treat meal usually once per week.

Anyways, I've read so many websites and blogs with great recipes, and they look delicious, but they don't taste that great. They are usually fairly bland and don't have much flavor. I've been following the Skinny Ms. recipes, but I hadn't made one yet; however, I was going to be working at Vacation Bible School at our church this week, and Grant would have to get the boys fed each night, so I went to Skinny Ms. for some crock pot recipes that would be ready for Grant to feed the boys.

This week we made:

Turkey Sloppy Joes except with Ground Chicken instead of Turkey

Balsamic Chicken with 100% Whole Wheat Pasta

Both were absolutely delicious...with a 10 month old and 2.5 year old, it's hard to have a win with everyone; however, both dishes were enjoyed by everyone in our family. We also had enough that we were able to have the meal for two nights, and it was perfect for our crazy week!

If you haven't already, go check out Skinny Ms. and try some of their recipes today! They are delicious, and we have more on our menu for this upcoming week. We'll be making BBQ Pulled Chicken, Crockpot Spaghetti, Roast and Pizza Burgers. I'll let you know what we think...

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