Wednesday, July 11, 2012

William at 9 Months

I cannot believe that my "baby" and last baby is already 3/4 of a year old. In just two and a half short months, he's going to be a year old. Where has time gone?! Why is it going by so quickly? I'm ready for Baby #3, but Grant has assured me that we are done having children, so William is our last baby. It's probably best for the sake of our house, our car, our dog, our finances, our relationship and our sanity. We love our little guys, but they keep us on our toes, constantly!!

  • Weighs 19 pounds & 7 ounces; 28.5 inches long
  • William isn't a great eater, and he refuses all baby food. He actually refuses anything that you have to feed him. He loves to pick up foods and eat them, and he's doing very well with his pincher grasp. He's loving puffs right now, and he'd like to eat those for every meal.
  • He is still only breastfeeding, and he's not had any formula at this point. I'm running low on my frozen milk stores though, so we'll see how far I can make it!
  • He's doing great with his sippy cup, and he picks it up consistently and drinks both breastmilk and water from his cup. 
  • You are wearing Size 4 diapers, and 12 month or 12-18 month clothes, as well as, some 9 month clothes depending on the brand.
  • William is crawling, pulling up on everything, climbing and walking along while holding on to something. I was really hoping that we'd have a bit longer before he mastered all of those items. He's into everything. I walked into the Master Bathroom the other day, and he'd climbed up on the ledge, and he'd turned the water on in our bathroom.

  • He's so far not received any bruises that I know of, because he's extremely careful. Weston was all over the place, and he had all kinds of bumps and bruises. William slowly eases himself down after he's pulled up on something. It's bizarre!
  • He does get bruises regularly though, because he has a big brother who continues to sit on him, knock him over, close coolers on his fingers, etc.
  • He chooses his favorite toys based on what Weston is playing you can imagine, this is not fun and frustrates Weston!
  • William is babbling constantly, and he's said 'dada' but he's no closer to saying 'mama' than Weston was at his age. :(
  • He's getting really good at clapping and waving, and I can't  believe he's becoming so much fun and interacting with us so much. It's such a fun age! 
  • You still only have two teeth. We were hoping that more would've made their appearance, so we are patiently waiting for some to arrive.

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