Saturday, June 30, 2012

Potty Boot Camp AKA 3 Day Potty Training

A friend of mine is constantly posting and talking about "3 Day Potty Training" on Facebook. She has two little boys, and they were both potty trained earlier than most boys and both via this method. So, I asked her about it, and she sent me all of the information. I quickly read through the information and I decided to do it with Weston when I knew he would be out of daycare for almost two weeks.

We started on a Friday, and I took the day off work. Friday was a mess, and he had many accidents, but we didn't look back. We threw away all of the diapers in the house, temporarily, then I got them back out later for William to use. ;)

He has done great, and I would recommend this method to anyone; however, don't think that they are going to be completely trained in three days. Weston is still having trouble with doing #2 in the potty, because he doesn't want to sit there and go. He is doing great with #1, and he can hold it almost always even during night and nap. Also, he was out of daycare for almost two weeks...on his first day back, he had five accidents, yes, FIVE.

I was not anticipating that it would be so bad, because he'd been home and doing so well, but it was bad. I didn't even pack enough clothes and underwear for him, because I never imagined it would be so terrible. Since the first day, he hasn't had any pee accidents, but he has had a poop accident. I hope we can get him to figure that out soon. Any suggestions?

Big Boy in his Underwear! :)


  1. Please keep us updated on his progress! We tried a few months ago and he would NOT poop on the potty but he also wouldn't poop in his big boy underwear. He didn't go for 3 days...yikes! So, we went back to diapers. We're in the middle of moving so when we get settled next month I'm going to try again. I will look into this method- thank you! I'm sorry I have no advice- I'm trying to figure it all out too...LOL.

  2. good job. It does take time. I potty trained my daughter at around 18m (starting), she didn't fully get it where I fully trusted her not to be in a pull up on outings until about 21m. And we struggled with the poop too. At 20m I gave her minnie mouse panties and said "now minnie DOES NOT want to be pooped on! It hurts her feelings if you do" very sternly and serious like. She had maybe one-two more poop accident after that and felt terrible about pooping on minnie both times. My cousin who has boys suggested this and it worked for both of us. And you are right, while potty training in 3 days is a great way to get them to "unlock" and understand it, it still takes lots of practice to master, regression can be a part of it, you just have to keep persevering through it. They didn't just get up and walk perfectly in 3 days, it takes months of practicing before they stop tripping over their own feet most days. :) I am getting ready to start Micah in a few days...God help me. HA!