Thursday, June 28, 2012

What happened?!

I was all over it, blogging that is, and I had planned to get back into the swing of things and blog regularly, as well as, schedule blog posts. I did great for oh, about a week, then life got in the way. So, here I go again...I'm going to make an attempt at keeping up with blogging more regularly and try to make it part of my everyday life. It's something I truly enjoy...

So, what have we been up to lately...
  • We celebrated our 3rd fell on a Wednesday, so we didn't get to go out mid-week, but we did get to spend the evening together, and we were grateful for three years and two awesome little boys.
  • We spent a very busy Mother's Day weekend back home with family...
    • William ran his first high fever (104) over the weekend
    • Grant spoke at his Alma mater's Forestry school graduation, the University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry, as the 2011 Distinguished Young Alumnus
    • Attended the wedding celebration for a friend of Grant's that he grew up with
    • Attended the dedication of one of my very closest friends baby, Giles, who was born in January
    • Ran in a 5K with my whole family...Dad, Uncle, Sister, Brother in Law, Cousin and Husband
  • Attended UGA Day in the Golden Isles
  • Attended membership classes as a precursor to becoming apart of the new church family that we've gained here in our new home
  • Grant and I spent the weekend out of town at his best friends wedding while my mother, aka Gram, came down to stay with the boys
  • Spent Memorial Day weekend with my parents and sister and brother in law in St. Augustine, as well as, had a sick little boy over the weekend. 
  • Celebrated the birthdays of Grant, Gramps and myself

  •  Spent another long weekend back home with family...
    • Both Weston and William got to stay with our favorite daycare provider, Ms. Mary
    • Weston had a follow-up ENT appointment
    • Weston got sick with a high fever and no other symptoms on the second evening we were there and was fine within 24 hours
    • We did POTTY Boot Camp and spent three full days at home and didn't leave the was a bit tough! :)
  • Weston spent a full week in St. Augustine with my parents, and Grant and I came down mid-week
  • We attended the Cannington Family Reunion that occurs every other year for a long weekend
  • Our air conditioning went out for the 4th time this year...hence the photo below. William says "It's hot!" 
  • Celebrated the birthdays of Aunt Amanda and Gram
And that brings us to this's been crazy busy, but I'm going to try to update much more regularly. :)

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  1. Welcome back. Keeping up with it can be hard with kiddos, I am the same way :)