Thursday, August 9, 2012

William at 10 Months

I'm having a hard time with the fact that my baby will be 1 year old in just 1.5 months. I still remember Weston turning 1 like it was yesterday, and he's now over 2.5. Where does the time go?! I'm going to say this probably every month. A good friend of mine told me this morning, as she dropped her son off at kindergarten, that it all goes by too quickly, and it's not going to be long before I am dropping my babies off at school, as well. Here I go again...tears coming to my eyes, and I'm getting choked up. :(

  • Weighs I think 20-21 lbs, and I have no idea how long he is. We won't measure his length again until his 1 year doctor's appointment. GASP! 
  • William is learning to be a fantastic eater, but he's not a huge fan of vegetables. His typical day looks like this:
    • AM - Starts off with a breakfast snack with Daddy and Weston followed by nursing with Mommy. Then, he heads off to school. At school, he usually has greek yogurt with fruit and his water cup. 
    • Midday - He has lunch, either what the school is serving or what I bring, and his milk cup. He has a cup of breastmilk that I pack for him each day.
    • Afternoon Snack - He has a bottle and a small afternoon snack. 
    • Dinner - He has whatever we are all eating for dinner with a sippy cup of water. 
    • Before bed - He nurses before bed, then goes straight to sleep.

  • He is still only breastfeeding, and he's not had any formula at this point. I don't have any more frozen milk, so I'm supplementing with raw goat's milk and some coconut milk. He seems to be doing well with both of those. We've decided to avoid milk for meals, and we are going to stick to almond, goat or coconut milk even after he turns 1 year old.
  • You are still wearing Size 4 diapers, and 12 month or 12-18 month clothes, as well as, some 9 month clothes depending on the brand.
  • William is crawling, pulling up on everything, climbing and walking along while holding on to something. He's walking and pushing his walker, and I know that it's not going to be long before he's a full-time walker. 
  • He is now saying "DaDa" and "MaMa", but he doesn't say anything else yet. He babbles and talks constantly though. He's much louder than Weston ever was, but I think Weston makes up for it now, so William is trying to get some attention, as well.
  • You now have three teeth, and we look forward to the arrival of more over the next few months. We are a bit over the teething and drool. :)

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