Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Master 4-H Camp at Jekyll Island 4-H Center

As a kid, I was very active in Georgia 4-H, and I often got picked on, because it was known as the club for the "nerds" or "the club where you show animals". Well, I never showed any animals, but I judged them, and I don't think I was a nerd, but I was very involved, and I enjoyed it so much. I feel like a great part of my success is attributed to my participation in 4-H. I learned so much from team work to public speaking.

As a 4-H'er, when you win a state event, you receive the title "Master", because you have mastered a skill. You are then part of the Master 4-H Club. In high school, I mastered five times, in the following areas...

- Wildlife Judging
- Poultry Judging
- Scholarship
- Project Achievement
- Dairy Quiz Bowl

I was also a member of my area's District Board, as well as, a Camp Counselor at Rock Eagle for two summers. I taught swimming and was a life guard both years. If you have any questions about 4-H, let me know. I love it, and I hope to volunteer in my local 4-H club. In addition, I also started the Need a Computer project in my county, and it's grown throughout the state of GA.

Okay, I'll continue...this post wasn't intended to be about my love of 4-H, but every year since probably freshman year of high school, my family has attended Master 4-H Camp on Jekyll Island. We enjoy it so much, and it's a reunion with other Master 4-H'ers, as well as, a last get away for the summer! Now that we live about half an hour away, it's not so much a getaway, and we spend the night at our house, but we still go over and spend time at the 4-H center. It's fun, and I look forward to seeing my boys grow up and be part of the 4-H program. I'll wrap up with some photos at Jekyll from this weekend! :)


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