Wednesday, August 14, 2013

30 before 30

So, I'll be 30 in eight months, and it's SO hard to believe that it's going to be here before I know it! I seriously feel like my birthday was just yesterday, but it's already been almost four months since my birthday!

I've come up with a list of things that I want to do before I'm 30, so I'm sharing it with you all, and I'll share my updates/accomplishments on the blog as I complete them!

1.) Run a 5K Color Run --> Planned for October 5th in Augusta
2.) Take a romantic, tropical vacation with my husband --> Planning for Spring 2014 for my 30th and our 5th Wedding Anniversary
3.) Throw a party for my 30th birthday
4.) Host a Christmas party at our home
5.) Run a 10K
6.) Own a pair of Tory Burch flats
7.) Own a MK bag
8.) Decide where Weston will go to Pre-K/Kindergarten --> So, I know that this isn't big and not really related to me, but this is an area that I'm agonizing over! Please pray for me during this decision!
9.) Have a "Red Cup Day" with my mom and sister
10.) Lose weight and tone up...get back where I want/need to be for me! I'm working hard on this one! :)
11.) Meal plan, meal plan, meal better about planning our weekly meals!
12.) Take more photos of my kids and family
13.) Plan a trip to NYC with my mom and sister --> We've been talking about this for awhile!
14.) Have a girl's trip with friends --> Scheduled for St. Augustine this upcoming weekend! Woohoo!
15.) Have a spa day and get a massage/facial
16.) Finish painting all the rooms of our house
17.) Get a screened porch installed
18.) Get gutters put on our house...we have a serious problem with rain run off and no gutters! :(
19.) Have professional family photo's taken --> Scheduled for September 28th
20.) Make plans for my future and take action to get there...
21.) Change my name on my passport!
22.) Take the kids to a UGA Football game
23.) Have a monthly date night with could be inside or outside of the home!
24.) Schedule my work-outs and stick to them!
25.) Train for a 1/2 marathon...not sure I'll be able to squeeze running one before my birthday in, but I'm going to train and plan to run in one sometime next Spring.
26.) Finish decorating my home
27.) Organize the boy's artwork/schoolwork
28.) Go to a shooting range
29.) Own a gun
30.) Finish Beachbody's Body Pump program --> In progress. Currently in week 2.

So, that's it...I have a lot to get done before 30, but I think I can get it done! Wish me luck, and I'll update and post pictures throughout the process!

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  1. Fun! I turn 30 early next year and have always wanted to write one of these....
    I'm also doing a beachbody program. The T25, and am in week two as well. I'm doing a challenge group through facebook for some accountability. It's hard and I haven't had any results yet, but I keep telling myself that they will come. Good luck!