Friday, April 27, 2012

Best Buddies

During our time in Athens, we were blessed to have met some of our closest friends through the in-home daycare that Weston attended. He spent his days with Ms. Mary, and we were so blessed to have her in our lives. She taught Weston so many things, and she loved him like he was her own. We love Ms. Mary, and we make a point to visit her when we go back to Athens and keep in touch regularly!

Weston & Brady rocking after Dinner at Bubba Garcia's on SSI

We were also blessed to have met the Smith Family. They also sent their little boy, Brady, to Ms. Mary during the day, and he is two weeks younger than Weston. He and Weston love one another and talk about each other constantly! Now that we are far apart, they seem to talk about one another more, so it's so much fun when we can get our families together. The best part is that we now both have two little boys. Their second son, Anderson, was born three weeks before William. 

All four of our boys (L to R): Weston, Brady, William & Anderson

Last week, Andrea was on Spring Break, and they made a trip to St. Simon's Island to visit. We were able to get together twice during their visit, and we took a couple of photos. It was a great visit, and we are so grateful for their friendship. When we are with them, I miss Athens and our friends there so much, and I pray that one day we will live close to this family again. If not, I hope that we can make it a point to get together once or twice each year and visit. I know that regardless of where life takes us, we will stay friends.

William & Anderson

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