Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our Christmas in Photos

Why yes, it's 8 days into 2013, and I'm just now getting around to posting about Christmas. It was a different Christmas for us, but it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The only thing missing was my sister and brother in law. It was the first Christmas ever that my sister and I haven't been together on Christmas Eve and/or Day, so it was pretty emotional for us. We missed them a lot, and we hope that we are all together next Christmas!

William eating his cookie that he decorated for Santa! Oops!
My mom and dad came down the Friday before Christmas, and my mom and I went down to St. Augustine with the boys so Santa (Grant and my dad) could build our play set in the backyard. It took a lot longer than they anticipated, but the boys both love it.

Weston hard at work decorating cookies! :)
Sunday before Christmas we came back from St. Augustine late in the evening, and we all headed to bed. On Christmas Eve, my mom and I took the kids grocery shopping, we made 'Cookies for Santa', and my mom and Weston went to see Monsters Inc. while the guys finished up the play set. Afterward, we had planned to go to the Christmas Eve service at church, but I messed up the times, and we showed up after it had started and the place was packed. There was no where to sit!! So, we came back home and ate Christmas Dinner together. The boys went to bed, Santa came, and we all went to bed.

William using the sprinkles!
Tuesday morning was something that I can't even explain in words...it was nothing short of amazing. To see the awe and joy on Weston's face was just awesome, and we loved every second of it. It was a perfect Christmas morning, and I'm SO grateful that my parents were able to come down and spend the holidays at our house.

 Now, on to some more pictures...warning picture overload!!
Weston's finished product! Before we removed all the excess sprinkles!
William eating some deer jerky before dinner...
Sitting in his chair! Sweet boy!
Yay William! He claps for himself often!
The best shot I could get of the two of them together!!
Giving Gramps' a kiss!
Loving the play set first thing on Christmas morning!
Loves the slide!
Cannot get enough of this sweet face! :)

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